Israel has become the first county in the world to grant medical device approval to a vaporiser for the use of medical cannabis extracts and formulations.

The Israeli Ministry of Health has granted initial approval as a medical device to the  vaporiser used for cannabis oil formulations.

The company claims that the combination of the approved vaporiser and the targeted formulations will enable medical cannabis patients to receive more effective, consistent, and accurate dosing and delivery methods than currently accepted medical cannabis treatment methods.

Most medical cannabis patients today consume their cannabis by smoking. vaporisers remove the risks of smoking and have been proven more effective than other delivery methods.

“This approval is a significant announcement for the medical cannabis patients in Israel who will be able to use the medical vaporiser for the first time.

“We expect that due to the transition of most of the cannabis consumers to the use of vaporisers, our company is projected to reach $10 million in sales within three years in the Israeli market, while the Israeli cannabis market is expected to reach $100 million in sales within three years. The Israeli market is a platform to deliver our technology to global markets in North America and Europe.

Vaporisers will be available through the co-op.