Cannabis comes in many thousands of strains and different strains treat different symptoms for different people. That is why growers need to try different strains when selecting the medicine they wish to grow for themselves as I did. Our club will have many strains to choose from plus the knowledge to help in the growing cycle.

I believe that at least 20 – 30% of people will want pain relief, daytime energy and a stronger appetite that my strain provides.
I can’t possibly grow all the plants myself so my solution is to sell large plants, teach growers how to make clones and buy back the small plants to bring in more growers as we expand across B.C. this spring. We also have indoor strains for those that want to grow now.

Making plants all summer with mother plants, then budding them in the fall should produce a pound of medicine per plant as there will be multiple bud sites.

You will be guaranteed $10. per plant wholesale or you may sell them for whatever the market will support 20 – $40.

There will be several sizes and strains to choose from for club members.