Wow, the Liberals won a large majority in the election and have promised to legalize right away. What “right away” means is unclear but for everyone that already has a grow license from Health Canada they can be assured your licenses are legal right now,anyone under bill C ­51 can grow 5 plants but the Liberals have promised to repeal C­ 51 which means that anyone with a medical need eg., compassion club card or Dr. prescription will be allowed more plants.

I have been growing as a Health Canada licensed medical grower over 10 years and have  developed my own strain that is tailored to supply pain relief and energy. I believe not only licensed growers but any person approved with a physicians note to use cannabis will be allowed to grow a limited number of plants. I am allowed 44 plants but I believe the standard will be about 25 which was the number Health Canada typically allowed. It is not the number of plants that determines the crop size but the number of lights and efficiency of air flow and anyone can make positive income with 4 lights and a small bedroom or better still a detached garage/workshop. My sativa strain grows large typically 6 – ­8 feet under commercial lights and I have produced up to over a pound per plant outside in the sun.

I have a contract to supply all the oil my strain can produce to Ma Ma Goose coconut butter to make the product. Now that cannabis will be legalized, I propose to form a co-op of medical growers using my strain to supply the Ma Ma Goose contract. Through Skype growers will be instructed on how to set up  a grow site, be supplied clones or seeds of my strain to help supply the contract. A grower will keep the large buds to smoke if they like and process the small buds and trim, or turn the whole crop into oil. Growers will be taught how to safely make the oil and can sell it back to the co-­op to make the coconut butter.

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