I have been a long-time grower since I bought my growing cabinet in /03.
I found out by chance that cannabis had real medical benefits. In the mid 90’s I had back surgery which developed into disc disease. I became hooked on narcotics, then in 2001 when a friend asked if I wanted to go to a compassion club to try marijuana.

I went to the first compassion club in Canada in Vancouver to try it. Over the next week, I tried several strains until I found one that worked for me. I was astounded, gradually I started using less oxycodone till by the end of 3 weeks I was no longer using them and felt alive again. When people are hooked on narcotics it is like living in a giant plastic bubble. Your senses are stifled, and you only have a feeling for more drugs.
I received my Health Canada grow license in /05 and have been growing ever since. Over the years I learned how to process all my plants into oil which then can be used to make coconut butter (for cooking or lotions) or put into cartridges for vaping. Vaping is the preferred healthy way to use.
I have developed a strain that is very good for pain management and 1 plant will produce a pound of medicine.

Ma Ma Goose strain – Pure Sativa (as pictured)

For further information contact tony@coopgroop.ca