dscn0304I tailored my strain to supply large juicy buds and energetic pain relief  with one puff.” One puff pot”, My strain may not win a “cannabis cup” prize for recreational cannabis as it does not have really high (20-30%) THC that numbs the brain and makes you silly, although I like that on weekends. My strain is a medical strain, not overpowering like the recreational market. Now it is excellent for reducing pain symptoms while allowing me to work on my projects. If I only take one large toke first thing in the morning I feel refreshed, pain free and energized till noon then take another.

I make 90% of what I grow into cannabis oil and use it for use in my vaporizer and baking. The vaporizer on those days when I need quick extra strong treatment is the perfect ,safe solution. This way of using the oil will give you a consistent predictable high one toke at a time.


Due to health challenges I no longer can go ahead with my plan to grow my strain myself. Therefore I want to  start a medical growers’ club to grow my strain and process the buds and trim into Ma Ma Goose cannabis oil for use in vaporizers. This way my plants (and many other suitable strains) can be grown and processed into oil. This is the safest and best way to use the medicine. We will also have vape pens available to Co-op growers to process their own oil strain for use themselves.

The market I would like to approach as soon as possible is care homes, hospitals and senior facilities. The care home industry is drugging patients to keep them in beds as they are mostly understaffed. I hear in the news all the time of assaults on innocent neighbors and nurses. What patients need is cannabis to brighten their lives and supply relaxation instead of depression so they will show interest in life again.

dscn0311I was planning on also producing several Indica strains for those patients that don’t require energy but need rest. New club growers will add various other popular strains to the menu as people need choices.

The good news is this plan including the Growers web site, promotional literature and my 44 plant MMAR license will allow us to get started immediately, no time to waste. Training in making the Ma Ma Goose cannabis oil for use in the vaporizers and growing my strain training will be supplied.

Do not get confused, the medicinal market is totally different and legal right now. Anyone with a form filled out by a doctor(available for download) will be allowed to grow their own plants. Health Canada allows 5 plants per gram of prescription.  If your own doctor will not fill it out there will be plenty of doctors that will for a fee.

For further information contact tony@coopgroop.ca